Extreme Sports in Germany: For Adrenaline Junkies

Lydia Fulson

By: Lydia Fulson / Writer, Photographer, Blogger, Artist, Thrill Seeker, and Adventurer

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Extreme sports in Germany aren't hard to come by. From parachuting to hot air ballooning and more, there's something for every junkie, whether you're new to extreme sports or consider yourself a trained veteran in the category.

Extreme Sports in Germany: mountain climbing

When I travel, one thing that's always on my mind is if there are any extreme sports in the area I'm visiting. So I thought it would be a lot of fun to share where the German tourist hot spots offer extreme sports and adrenaline activities for travelers like me.

It's not everyone's first choice while exploring the beautiful mountains of the Alps to grab a parachute and jump off them … but for those who do, this page is up your alley! Find the best places for the best prices to do some daring new activities, and hey, maybe you'll become one of the extreme sports enthusiasts afterward.

During my travels through Germany with Oma, as we were on our way to visit King Ludwig's fairytale Neuschwanstein Castle, I looked out the window of our Globus tour bus to see a colorful blob floating through the sky in the mountains above the castle. I zoomed in with my camera to see that it was a paraglider!

I had a crack at paragliding in British Columbia (eventually successful), and it was my favorite extreme sport. When I saw these parachuters flying over the historic Disney-inspiring castle, I immediately added it to my list of things to do next time I travel to Germany.

Let's get out into the fresh air  and start our extreme sports and outdoor activities tour with the amazing company that I saw in action that day.

The Paragliding Academy of Tegelberg

Fly Like an Eagle ... Over Neuschwanstein Castle!

I was able to grab a photo of the paragliders floating above the castle before we started our tour of the inside.

The Paragliding Academy of Tegelberg in Schwangau is a fully equipped and highly experienced crew of parachuters ready to give you the unforgettable experience of flight.

If this is your first-time mountain leaping, as I like to call it, you will need to fly tandem, attached to a professional instructor. Trust me, it's not something you want to do on your own. It's much less stressful being with someone who knows how to steer you away from oncoming trees..

Paragliding over Neuschwanstein

When to Fly

Flights are available year-round and even during the winter time.

Believe it or not, winter is a great time to jump! The air is usually calmer in the winter than it is in the summer months. Warm air can cause the parachute to jerk, which can be a little alarming to new flyers. It feels similar to being on an airplane and having turbulence.


  • Premium Tandem flights with a remarkable panoramic view, you will pay 202.78 USD.
  • The Early Bird Tandem flights at 181.32 USD incl., gives you the chance to see the view of the Alps in the colorful morning sky.
  • For an extra 37.55 USD, you can purchase the photo package. The instructor will use their trusty tripod and wide GoPro to capture the amazing moments during your flight. Later, you will receive an SD card with all of the videos and photos on it as a one-of-a-kind keepsake!

These flights are as early as 9 am and are recommended for children. Mornings are the least busy time at the flight school, so if you're feeling a little antsy about your jump, the morning may be a little easier and calming. The air tends to be calmer and less turbulent as well at this time.

That's me taking off the top of a mountain in Golden, British Columbia!That's me taking off the top of a mountain in Golden, British Columbia!

Getting To the takeoff point

Once you book the flight online, your instructor will give you a meeting point at the railway building of the Tegelbergbahn, Tegelberg Cable Cars. The cost of the ride up the cable car to the takeoff point costs 15 euros, and this can be paid directly to your instructor, who can help you skip the line!

Together, you will ride to the top of the mountain to the meeting point to meet the other instructors. They will guide you through a training video and show you what to do while you're up in the air and how to stick a proper landing.

Lifting Off

The hardest part is the takeoff. But even that isn't as hard as it sounds. Once you go through the training and get hooked up to your instructor in an incredibly comfy seat, all that's left to do is to take a few quick steps towards the edge, and you'll have lift off!

The best advice I can give is to run as fast as you can to start takeoff. Once you start running and the parachute catches the wind, you'll feel it pull back a little bit, so push forward and run as fast as you can until your feet lift off the ground. The faster you go, the easier the takeoff.

Now, just sit back and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Bavarian Alps surrounding you! The ride can last up to half an hour, and if you'd like a more exciting ride down, your instructor will let you steer! (No, they won't let you crash; they have strings to steer as well.)

Super Sport Driving in Nuremburg

 Step on it! Ferrari Experience

Everyone has dreamt of riding in style and luxury. What if I told you, you can! In Nuremberg, a bright red Supersport Ferrari awaits you. Take a luxury souped-up car for a ride with your friends or by yourself for the experience of a lifetime.

Ferrari Rides in NuremburgMake those need for speed dreams come true!


  • For one person to speed off on a one-hour ride: 173.93 USD per adult
  • For Two Adults 382.86 USD

Your chariot awaits

Meet the owner in front of the Motor Yacht Club at Südwestpark Nürnberg, Aischweg 40, 90449 Nürnberg. Here, you'll start your one-hour-long ride through the city, testing its power and ability to zoooom!

You'll be experiencing the high-performance quality and speed of the V8 Ferrari California: Cabrio, four-seater. Sit back in the luxurious leather interior and enjoy the ride.

If you're nervous about driving such a crazy expensive and new car compared to your everyday vehicle, don't stress. The owner will also act as your instructor and will always ride along with you to help you out and tell you all about this sweet ride!

Canyoning in Starzlach

Repelling and sliding and jumping, oh my!

Embark on this once-in-a-lifetime experience in the perfect location of the Alps! An hour from Neuschwanstein Castle, in Sonthofen, is the Starzlach Gorge Canyoning sport.

Canyoning in Germany

What is canyoning?

Canyoning is an extreme sport that mixes a whole bunch of different sports together to embark on one enchanting adventure through gorges, waterfalls, and cliffs. During this tour, which is a great beginner course, you can expect to do some rock climbing, repel down steep areas, slide down natural waterslides, and more. You'll feel like a true adventurer!

Gear up!

The meeting point for the adventure starts at the gorge parking lot, where you or you and your group will meet your guides. These guides have years of experience and know the gorge like the back of their hand. You'll be in good and safe care.

From here, follow a trail to the starting point of the beautiful gorge.

Never fear; you don't need to splurge on paying for climbing equipment before you come to Starzlach. The outstanding team will provide you with a helmet, wetsuit, shoes, and all the climbing ropes, carabiners, harnesses, and more that you'll need.

At the meet-up point in the gorge parking lot, you'll be geared up with the help of the team and taught how to use each piece of equipment properly and safely. All you need to bring is yourself, a swimsuit for under the wetsuit, and your ambition to explore!

Canyoning Get ready to explore!


  • 103.00 USD per person: Includes equipment, photo services, and, of course, the exciting 3-hour tour involving slides of up to 17 meters and 5-meter jumps

No pressure

There is absolutely no pressure to go on with a part of the gorge canyoning experience if you're uncomfortable doing so. There are many points along the way that are avoidable, and there is always the option to turn back if the butterflies in your tummy are fluttering a little too hard.

Another guide will take you back to the starting point, while another continues with the rest of the group. So, no worries about holding others up. Even if there's a point that you do, don't think you're alone in feeling spooked about something. Everyone else probably is, too! I mean, it is a natural human instinct to want to AVOID jumping off waterfalls. But this reputable business is here to make you feel safe and have the time of your life.

Skydiving in Hildesheim

Free... Free Falling!

Skydiving is considered one of the scariest and most extreme adventure sports out there. But, you can make your own opinion on that after you make the jump in Hildesheim, Lower Saxony with SkyDive-Hildesheim Association.

Cue Tom Petty's Free Fallin! The funny thing is, when I went skydiving, this song was on replay in my head the whole time.

Skydiving jumping out of the planeNow I'm free! Free Fallin'!

The best time to fly is different compared to the rules of paragliding. You do have to rely on a plane to get you to the jumping point, after all. If the weather is rough, too windy, rainy, or snowy, it isn't safe enough to dive. Imagine how uncomfortable it would be getting pelted in the face with rain when free falling at the high speed of nearly 200km/h!


  • Tandem jump from 13,000 ft on weekdays 306.36 USD
  • Tandem jump from 13,000 ft with free choice of date 252.48 USD
  • Pay extra for the tandem instructor to take an HD video or photos for you


There's not much prep to do before you get to the airfield itself. All you can do is wear proper footwear that is tightly tied and nothing clunky like large boots.

Wear sporty clothing, and in the cooler months like September and October, wear a thick windbreaker-style jacket. Gloves aren't mandatory, but they are recommended. I only had small finger gloves with me for my jump, and my hands were numb afterward... that's my bad for not thinking that I'd need thicker gloves in October at 14,000 ft.

Lydia skydivingHey, it's me again!

That's me up there, climbing into the "deathtrap," as my friend called it. Then, soaring down and coming in for landing! A smooth, successful landing after a fun flip-filled jump.

What to Expect

You'll be diving with the staff of the SkyDive-Hildesheim Association, who have years of experience under their belt when it comes to leaping out of perfectly good planes.
When you arrive at the airfield, you'll sign in, sign a bunch of papers, or "sign your life away".

Then, watch instructional videos on how to operate the parachute, how to position your body in the air, and how to land. They'll go over the importance of these positions with you as you get harnessed up and ready for takeoff!

Aye aye captain

After meeting your tandem buddy, it's time to board the plane. On the plane, you'll be attached to your tandem instructor. Together, you'll shimmy to the door after the plane makes its 13,000-foot climb up, and on the count of three, out you go! If you ask, they'll let you pull the chute and steer, too. Request a few spins in the air, too, if you want.

Wave down at your family and friends below who look like itty bitty ants from where you are floating free like a bird above the clouds. Nothing beats an experience like this.

You'll feel so comfortable flying with SkyDive-Hildesheim. Their experience shows. Many of their pilots and jumpers have over 2,000 jumps, and some even 9,000.

You may be an expert like this one day.

Hot Air Balloon Rides in Leipzig and Dresden

Soar to New Heights!

Some call it extreme, and some call it relaxing. Supposedly, it all comes down to whether you're petrified of heights or not, which dictates the extreme factor.

I've always wanted to try those extreme ballooning tours. Take off peacefully in the big balloon, and parachute off of it! But for starters, a lovely hot air balloon ride over a lovely German city will suffice.

Hot air ballooning in GermanyUp, up, and away!

This is an extreme sport that is easy for all ages to enjoy. It's not going to put a test on your health or mobility. There's only one thing to do. Float with the clouds and take it all in. Let your worries float away from you as you soar between 1,000 -3,000 feet through the big blue.

WHere To go?

The incredible balloon rides hosted by the Balloon Travel Agency are located in the scenic and activity-filled cities of Leipzig and Dresden. Yes, there is such a thing. The main location is in Leipzig, Eisenbahnstraße 111. This is where you can go to book a ride for the best prices and learn about the balloons that will take you up, up, and away. But you can always book online instead of traveling to find the agency.

There are several locations offered for takeoff points. Convenient!

There are several locations offered for takeoff points. Convenient!

Leipzig Locations:

  • Monument to the Battle of the Nations
  • Mariannenpark Leipzig
  • Silver Lake
  • Kulkwitz Lake/Dew School Dolphin/Red House

Dresden Locations:

  • Sports Park Ostra Fair
  • Dresden Königsufer
  • Dresden Käthe-Kollwitz-Ufer
The stunning view of the landscapes from the balloon basketHello down there!

See stunning views like this of the amazing natural landscapes below you from the cozy basket. These baskets can hold up to 11 people, and the largest one includes multiple compartments.


  • 242.90 USD per person for a classic ride of 60-minute duration
  • 315.74 USD per person for the 90-minute duration
  • 315.74 USD for a sunrise view - Meet one hour before sunrise and see the sunrise from the sky. (Weekends and special events only)

If needed, there are baskets made completely accessible for wheelchairs and those who need an easier entrance into the basket with large opening doors and loads of space. No one needs to be left out or miss an opportunity like this one.

Munich's Olympic Stadium

walk the roof, then JUmp!

The Olympic Stadium of Munich stands as a beautiful work of architecture, offering stunning views and a venue for concerts and games.

This doesn't happen often, though, so instead of it standing deserted as a pretty face, the Flying Fox company has turned the structure into a climbable amusement park for adrenaline junkies.

Munich's Olympic Stadium at sunsetHave you always dreamed of jumping off a famous landmark? Now you can, in Munich!

What to Expect

When you arrive, walk to the stadium ticket office to buy your ticket, or, if you have already purchased a voucher online, you'll give your information, get suited up with safety equipment, and meet your guide.

With the Flying Fox excursion, you'll be able to climb ON TOP of the famous 1972 Olympic stadium in Munich. But it doesn't stop there. After the climb up, you get to walk the edge, walk on the roof, and after taking in this incredible adrenaline-filling journey, you get to jump off onto a zooming zipline!


  • 92.91 USD per adult - Includes the climb, tent roof tour and jump
  • 48.57 USD per adult - Includes the climb and jump

It's one thing to visit a historic stadium in another country, but to be able to say that you climbed on the roof and got to jump off it? Now that's another story. A great one to share with the grandkids one day.

Bubble Soccer and Beer in Leipzig

Boing! At pearlball Indoor soccer

Here's a unique experience that is hard to come by. The Pearlball Company, located at Soccerworld in Leipzig. Suit up in a giant protective bubble and have a ball! Quite literally. Try a round of soccer in these. It's a good laugh.

Bubble soccer in Leipzig, GermanyIncoming!

I actually got to do this on a school trip many years ago. While the goal was to play soccer, it soon became more fun to see who could run into each other hardest and make the other do a complete flip. I highly recommend this sport for a laugh, and workout in one. It's not easy to get back up once you flip or fall over.

If you love personal space, this is the sport for you. Enjoy your own personal bubble!

Suiting Up

There isn't too much prep needed for bubble soccer/ football. Bring yourself athletic shoes, and be ready to run. The bubbles are pretty easy to get into, and once you're inside, there are handles in front for you to hang on tightly to.

Once you and your buddies are suited up in your bubble, the coach will drop the ball, and off you pop. Run, jump, flip, and have a great time.

Beer anyone?

What better place to have a beer with your friends than go run into each other in a giant bubble than in Germany? When you purchase your ticket, you have full access to the showers, changerooms, field, and amazing bar for tasty traditional local beers.


  • 290.32 USD for 60 minutes
  • 395.89 USD for 90 minutes
  • 480.39 USD for 120 minutes

Water Sports in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

get the water sports know-how

OceanBlue Watersports company in north-eastern Germany is a highly trained and experienced group of instructors ready to teach you nearly any kind of surfing and watersport that you can think of. You'll be a pro in no time.

Kite surfing in mecklenburg-vorpommernWhy not scratch all six sports off the list at once?

What do you want to learn? OceanBlue Watersports has it all. Take your pick at a water sport and have a blast learning to ride the waves on the beautiful Baltic Sea.

What to do/ pricing

  • Kitesurfing - Introductory Kitesurfing Course - $106.22 USD per person
  • Wind Surfing - Introductory Windsurfing Course - $63.30 USD per person
  • Paddle Boarding - Basic Course Paddle Boarding - $52.57 USD per person
  • Night time Paddle Boarding - $74.03 USD per person
  • Sailing - Introductory Semi Private Course - $127.68 USD per person
  • Surfing - Introductory Surf Course - $127.68 USD per person
Paddle boardingTake in the spectacular views of the sea at nighttime during the night paddleboarding

For other pricing options for larger groups or private sessions, see the OceanBlue website.

After you embark on your journey through the waves of the sea with the best teacher for the best prices, check out the shop. OceanBlue offers merch for all ages, including hats, sweatshirts, bags, and more.

What a great way to celebrate a newfound adrenaline rush activity by having an awesome new shirt to strut around in and impress your friends with!

Wallbergbahn Toboggan Run

The Longest toboggan run in germany

This isn't your typical climb up a little local hill and slide down for a 20-second thrill type of toboggan ride. No, no, this is extreme tobogganing, and this route can take over half an hour to descend!

Wallbergbahn TobogganingMark the longest toboggan run off your extreme bucket list!

Located in southern Bavaria in the Mangfallgebirge Mountain of the Alps is the longest winter toboggan run in Germany. The run is completely natural and goes on for a whopping 6.5 km down an 825-meter mountainside. That's certainly longer than the small-town park hill I used to ride down as a little kid!

The high speed, height, and sometimes rough terrain along the ride make this sport a significant risk for young kids and sledding dogs; these are not permitted on the run. Be sure to wear boots, warm, sporty clothing, gloves, a helmet, and goggles. That wind can feel pretty harsh when you're traveling at high speeds.

Getting There

One can reach the Wallberg cable cars from Munich by train to Tegernsee station. From here, take a bus to the Rottach-Egern Wallbergbahn stop.


  • For ascent and descent tickets for children up to 15 - 15.00 USD
  • Ascent and descent tickets for adults - 29.00 USD

Once you reach the top by massive steel cables, go to the Valley station, where you can rent a sled for only 8.00 USD.


If the weather is clear, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Tegernsee Lake on your curvy and exciting descent down the mountain. After a ride like this, you'll be ready to sign up for the winter olympics!

On that thrilling note, that closes out our look into some of the most popular extreme sports in Germany. Did you see anything that piqued your interest? I'll be adding canyoning and hot-air ballooning to my bucket list of thrills!