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By: Gerhild Fulson / Author, Blogger, German Oma!

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Hallo! I'm Gerhild Fulson, but you might know me better as Oma Gerhild from my recipe site, Just like Oma.

Gerhild Fulson

I created that site to showcase easy, yet traditional German food to help those who no longer live in Germany re-create that wonderful German cuisine using locally available ingredients. 

It enabled many to share their German heritage with family and friends, and reconnect with Germany, through food. Yummy food. Wonderful food. Yet for many, that longing for the 'old country' remained. 

For those, who, like me, left Germany as a little child, there was the desire to learn more about my birth country. I've taken multiple trips with my hubby to explore Germany by car, bus, and train. We've stayed for longer periods of time because of the Christian ministry we founded while we were there. 

Now, I'm excited to take you on a new adventure with me. Instead of just focusing on the food, let's see the country, meet the people, learn the culture, and discover the history.

I'm joined by my granddaughter Lydia and son Eran, and together we're documenting our travels throughout Germany. Our goal is to give you tips and ideas on where to go, what to see, what to avoid, and what to do, so you can make the most of your own German adventure.

Here's my team:

Join us as we showcase the beauty of Germany!


As you travel through our site, you'll see many photos taken from our numerous trips in Germany. The photographers for these are Eran, Lydia, my hubby, and me. Each of us enjoys photography, either as a side hobby or a business. Being able to share our photos on our websites and social media with you is a privilege.

You will also find some photos from our readers and some curated stock photography from Deposit Photos and others. May these show you Germany from many vantage points and build your knowledge of this remarkable country.