Tour My Germany Affiliate Program

If you're here, then chances are you already know what we're all about. But just in case, here's the short sell - Tour My Germany is not only us telling our story, but also encouraging a community of people to create and share their own as well.

'My' Germany will be different from your Germany, and yours from your family and friends. But the commonality remains the same: a celebration of all things wunderbar.

Collage of Lydia in front of Neuschwanstein Castle, Oma at Veste Coburg, and Eran in Oberammergau Lydia at Neuschwanstein, Oma at Veste Coburg, and Eran in Oberammergau

Helping to share that story is our online store. We're filling it up with things that remind us of our German adventures and familial heritage.

In the best case, a conversation begins with a question about a mug, shirt, or dinner cooked from Just Like Oma's cookbooks. Worst case, you have a bit of German memorabilia to add a little fuel to the nostalgia.

As an affiliate, you'll be sharing that story with your community in your own way. Applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Upon acceptance, you'll receive a unique discount code to share with your followers and will earn a commission every time that code is used. Additionally, you'll have your own personal discount as well.

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