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Lydia Fulson

By: Lydia Fulson / Writer, Photographer, Blogger, Artist, Thrill Seeker, and Adventurer

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Hey fellow travelers, my name is Lydia, Oma Gerhild's granddaughter. Much like her, I've come to love travel and love everything about it. I've never minded the busy bustling airports or the planes, trains, and automobiles. :)

Growing up, visiting Oma and Opa and hearing their incredible stories of traveling and the wunderbar adventures they embarked on, made me realize there's more to see than just what's outside my doorstep. So, I started embarking on my own adventures. Traveling Europe, all of Canada, and soon, Oma's old stomping grounds in Germany.

Look at my cool rock!That's me! Like my rock? I thought it was cool. anyways...

I've always had a curious mind. I love to explore and make spontaneous decisions along the way. But hey, I never would have found a heart shaped rock if I didn't choose to stray from the trail a little! 

Over my years of travel, I've found a new love for doing some... Crazier things.

paragliding in british columbiaSecond time's the charm

Yep, anything with a parachute. Sign me up! First, I tried skydiving. Was it terrifying? I mean, who said jumping out of a plane would be easy? But nothing beats a view like that. 

That photo above was taken during my Western Canada travels, where I thought paragliding off of a mountain in Golden, British Columbia was a great idea! It turned out to be, in the end. Though we ran into a wee hiccup on the first try. Yeah ... it took more than one. One might say that I can cross getting tangled up in a chute and rolling down a mountain off the bucket list now. So, we climbed back up, untangled, and took another crack at it. And we had lift off! Call me crazy, but I'd do it again.

My most recent craziness? Bungee jumping. Now that, I can call myself crazy for doing. Again, I would do it ...again! Everything is going to seem impossible until you tell yourself that it isn't.

Lydias wood burningYes, they do smell like campfire. Yes, it's awesome.

I do enjoy 'normal' people activities too. I'm often found painting, sketching, and building things. Books have always been alluring to me. I would often write my own as well. Nothing Shakespeare-worthy, but it was always good enough for me and to satisfy my want to get creative on paper. But for the last while, I started to dabble in wood burning. Big and small, nerdy things, pretty things. I come from a jack-of-all-trades family, and I guess I became a bit of one myself.

Lydia climbing a train! Why not?Oh yea, I love trains too. And this one had art on it. Double bonus!

From a very young age, my family would go camping all around the country, and even outside of it. Being exposed to the outdoors so much in my childhood years, certainly also contributed to my love for discovery.

During our trips, I would always bring along my journal to jot down what we did that day, or to sketch the scenery. I must say, I never thought that little me doing journaling in a rickety, ancient camp chair would lead to me writing about my life for you all. But here we are! And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Oma and Opa always taught me to have fun, dabble, and explore as much as I can. And I can't wait to see what the future holds for my new traveling experiences and wacky wild stunts. Next stop, Germany! I can't wait to share these times with you all, and I hope that they can inspire and encourage you, like they do for me.