Tour My Germany Travel Guide: Discover the Best of Germany

Do you know where the best place to eat bratwurst in Germany is? Why are there shelves inside German toilets? What is the most famous fairy tale castle to visit?

For answers to all these questions and more, read on!

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Herzlich willkommen!

Gerhild Fulson

I'm Gerhild and for over 15 years, I've been sharing my German cuisine on Just Like Oma. Join me now as we tour my Germany to see where these delicious foods originate. 

As we travel, we'll marvel at the spectacular scenery, delve into the local culture, uncover hidden historical treasures, and find the best destinations off the beaten track that are worth exploring.

Joining us on this tour is my son Eran and my granddaughter Lydia each writing as they travel throughout Germany, discovering more about their heritage. Experience the country through their eyes as we:

  • Gaze upon fairytale castles and baroque palaces
  • Embark on a river cruise along the Rhine River
  • Drive down the scenic drive down picturesque Romantic Road
  • Stroll through the charming Christmas markets in places like Rothenburg ob der Tauber
  • Explore historic cities and towns
  • Visit more than one UNESCO World Heritage Site

Be inspired to join us! Discover this popular destination in Central Europe, Germany, but not just as a tourist following the typical Germany travel guides.


  • The Black Forest and the Rhine valley
  • The picturesque shores of Lake Constance
  • The iconic Brandenburg Gate
  • The majestic peaks of the Bavarian Alps
  • The grand palaces and historic sites
  • The famous Oktoberfest celebration in Munich

Experience all of this in the best way possible, with the help of the travel tips you'll find throughout our Tour My Germany guide.

Gain insights into German culture, including customs, etiquette, and popular activities, whether you're taking a road trip, using train stations, public transportation or some of the busiest airports. Be prepared, making travel plans with the best time to go, whether during peak season or not, and the best things to do and things to avoid.

Explore today's Germany by touring the heart of Europe and visiting the major cities or fairytale towns in southern Germany, or the big cities and smaller towns in northern Germany. Meet the welcoming German people, who will inspire you to continue your quest to learn about all things German. And of course, savor the delicious German cuisine throughout your journey!

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Cologne Cathedral

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Rothenburg's famous Plonlein

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Marburg Castle

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